Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park

Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park

90 Minutes


Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park

When Bodi and his band ‘True Blue’ leave Snow Mountain, to tour with pop sensation, Lil’ Foxy, they learn that fame comes at a price.

The Story

Our story begins one year after the events in the first film and now Bodi, Darma and Germur have formed a band, ‘True Blue’ and have become local celebrities on Snow Mountain. They even have fans (the sheep villagers and two teenage red pandas) - but Bodi’s biggest fan remains his father, Khampa.

Back in the Big City, we discover that Rock N’ Roll Park is about to be demolished and there is a record mogul sheep named Lang, who is extremely interested in Bodi and his Blue Mastiff Energy…  One day Lang arrives in Snow Mountain and persuades Bodi and the band into touring with pop star sensation, Lil’ Foxy! The tour is a success and Bodi is excited to share his music and magic with the world.

However, we soon learn that Lang is actually Linnux! Literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing! The big bad wolf from the first film has disguised himself as Lang, who at first appears to be helping the musicians in the park with a benefit concert, but in fact is secretly the one responsible for the demolition as he wants to control the world of music. Lang causes Bodi’s band to break up and when Bodi is alone, springs his trap – stealing Bodi’s Blue Mastiff Energy!

Abandoned without any power or music, Bodi discovers there has been an avalanche on Snow Mountain! He rushes back, expecting the worst, but thankfully his family and friends are all safe. Being reunited with his family recharges Bodi’s magical Blue Mastiff Energy, so he heads back to face Lang in the city.

Meanwhile at the benefit concert, Lang reveals himself as Linnux to the crowds and uses Bodi’s stolen Mastiff Energy to control and trap all the musicians in Rock N’ Roll Park - including Bodi’s bandmates, and best friends, Darma and Germur.  Bodi arrives and challenges Linnux to a musical duel. Bodi’s Blue Mastiff Energy is no match for Linnux who he defeats, thereby freeing his friends and saving Rock N’ Roll Park.


Mark Baldo (Barbie: A Perfect Christmas, Lego Hero Factory)


Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei, Joyce Lou, Ken Katsumoto, Mike Young, Steven Rosen, Liz Young, Mike Bujniewicz


Alec Sokolow (Toy Story, Garfield, Cheaper by the Dozen)


Andrew Francis
Ashleigh Ball
Brian Drummond
Graham Hamilton
Jason Simpson
Kathleen Barr