Dragon Rider

TBC Minutes

Based on the best-selling novel by Cornelia Funke, Dragon Rider tells the story of an unlikely trio of heroes; a dragon, a thief and a mountain brownie, who embark on an epic journey to find the Rim of Heaven, a safe haven for dragons.


Firedrake, a young, clumsy, silver dragon is shunned by his pack as inept and unworthy. When the humans threaten to destroy his home, Firedrake and his best friend Sorrel, a mountain brownie, embark on an epic quest to find the ‘Rim of Heaven’, the mythical home of all dragons.

On the way they meet Ben, a 14-year-old thief who, after hearing that the Rim of Heaven is laden with diamonds, invents the role of the ‘Dragon Rider‘ so he can join them on their journey. Firedrake puts his faith in the boy, despite Sorrel‘s protests that humans should not be trusted.

However, the trio are followed by Nettlebrand, an evil, artificial dragon, desperate to find the Rim of Heaven and feast on the silver dragons that live there.

Throughout the journey Firedrake‘s self-esteem grows stronger thanks to Ben‘s influence and he begins to discover his true dragon potential. The trio grow closer as a team, becoming mutually reliant on each other and eventually developing affection and trust. As they come nearer to finding the Rim of Heaven Ben becomes conflicted between his secret mission to steal the diamonds and his growing belief that he might be a real ‘Dragon Rider‘! When finally confronted by Nettelebrand, it is Ben‘s admittance that he is actually a liar and a thief that unlocks Firedrake‘s firepower. So now, even though the monster is defeated, Firedrakes‘ faith is shattered.

However, Ben overcomes his selfish nature and proves himself to be the key to discovering the Rim of Heaven and fulfils his true destiny as a ‘Dragon Rider‘. At the end Ben learns the value of true friendship and turns his back on his old way of life. Firedrake’s faith is restored and his wish to prove himself is achieved. He returns to the flock as the rightful new leader of the pack and leads the dragons to the safety of the Rim of Heaven.


Tomer Eshed (Flamingo Pride, Our Wonderful Nature)


Oliver Berben (Carnage, Pope Joan, Look Who's Back)


Martin Moszkowicz (Love Rosie, Resident Evil Franchise)


Johnny Smith (Gnomeo & Juliet, Mike Bassett: England Manager)




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